Our company has been running since 1992 and specializes in software development

During this time, we have achieved every qualification necessary to realize complex IT systems.

We had evolved from a IT services supplier into an integrator of various IT solutions. This was made possible thanks to experience gained over the years as well as our employees who constantly improve their skills. We are partners with:

  • Microsoft,
  • Sun, IBM,
  • Comarch SA,
  • Arrow Polska

that guarantee us the access to the newest and most advanced technologies and software. 

Choosing new technologies 

Choosing new technologies is our way to create a highly effective team capable of developing high-quality solutions. We are perfectly familiar with Oracle’s tools given that we have been partners since 1996. We rely on stable and approved technologies of our strategic partners - Oracle and Microsoft - basing on which we develop our own solutions. Our expertise in developing IT services and constant cooperation with clients result in our ability to resolve the most complicated IT problems. Also, the technology we use as well as the process of software making let us create fast and effective applications.

Highly-skilled developers and administrators

Our highly-skilled developers and administrators can help you with hosting, website and mail servers maintenance. Among our clients there are enterprises, finance institutions, local governments and foreign companies.

Senior developers

Jarosław Wiktorowski

Małgorzata Wiktorowska-Idziaszek

Mikołaj Kaczmarczyk

Michał Wiktorowski


  • Łukasz Sporny
  • Jacek Jesikiewicz
  • Piotr Stołowski
  • Hubert Nosek
  • Błażej Kosmowski
  • Maciej Częstochowski
  • Piotr Romanowski



retail trade, production, insurance

Operating systems:
Windows, Linux, MacOS

Oracle 11g, MS SQL, MySq

Programming languages:
C#, Java, Oracle PL/SQL, Javascript

Visual Studio, Netbeans, Oracle sqlDeveloper, Oracle Forms/Reports/Designer, Oracle jDeveloper, Git

Metodologies, Other:
TDD, Jira, Teamcity, Azure, Hibernate, GlassFish, Tomcat, Xamarin


  • Dispersed retail trade system, solutions for small, medium and large chain stores. The system contains sell modules POS, a store’s analysis module BackOffice and a module for integration with ERP Comarch systems.
  • System integracji wymiany danych pomiędzy ERP Comarch Opitma a sklepami internetowymi.
  • Data exchange integration system between ERP Comarch Optima and online stores.
Oracle 11i, PL/SQL, Oracle Designer, C#, NET, Glasfish, Java
Consulting, implementation, outsourcing IT Project:
  • Implementation of the new content management system Drupal, migration to the new store osCommerce. Analysis of current company’s resources, migration project, migration of data, watching over good functioning of the system.
Struts, Apache, HTML, Javascript, Ajax, Novell, Clipper, DOS, XML, PHP
Analysis, solution project, realisation Project:
  • Internet package for small companies - content management system, online store, order management. A particular accent was put on the simplicity and the usability so that an unexperienced user could use the system on his own after a few days training.
  • Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Oracle Designer – database UML
  • Servlets java created in Oracle jDeveloper
  • Servlets java created in Netbeans
  • Websites JSP, HTML, PHP
Oracle 10i, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Designer, Oracle Forms, jDeveloper, Struts, Tomcat, XML, HTML, Javascript
  • BRD system of production management, warehouse management, system for managing payables and receivables, retail and analysis.
  • System AKD designed to calculate piecework, to manage orders and production, along with analysis.
  • System for insurance brokers - managing of insurance products, managing of co-workers, a subsystem to calculate the percentage based on the sells structure, a subsystem to control payables and receivables, analysis and reports.
  • Gathering the requirements, business analysis, solution project, saving the data flow and the database scheme in Oracle Designer
  • Creating forms in Oracle Forms, reports in Oracle Reports
  • Creating SQL, PL/SQL procedures
Oracle 8i, 9i, 10i, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Designer, Oracle Forms, Oracle Report
  • Management of the website, redesigning of the data flow, upgrading to the new technology..
  • Project of a database, migration..
  • Creating new websites.
HTML, Javascript, Coldfusion, MSSQL, Access
  • Payment monitoring system for TPSA.
  • System to analyze the rentability of an investment
  • Integration of data from dispersed systems along with business analysis and the analysis of gathered data (TPSA).
  • Project, execution and handling of the exercise package with a module for physiotherapists (to prevent diseases caused by RSI): product destined for German and Dutch markets.
  • Gathering the requirements, business analysis, solution project, saving the data flow and the database scheme in Oracle Designer
  • Creating forms in Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports
  • Creating procedures in SQL, PL/SQL
  • Creating forms in Delphi
Oracle 8i, 9i, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Designer, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Delphi, Borland C